Pro-Bono Report Successful Outcome For The RSPCA

EMS Legal is committed to giving back to the community. Our consultant solicitors, Jacqueline Musk and Paul Pascoe, recently acted as prosecution counsel on instructions from the RSPCA in an animal abuse trial against two co-defendants. Principal Bonnie Scovell also provided extensive legal advice and representation in the preparation of the prosecution case.

Despite the complex nature of the case we are pleased to say that both defendants were convicted of the animal cruelty charges brought against them. As a result, each defendant received a substantial fine and the dog, Buddha, was seized from their control and is waiting to be rehoused with a caring new owner.

The lawyers involved were lucky enough to get a chance to meet Buddha and take a photo with him and RSPCA inspector Samantha Patterson. The tireless work of inspectors and other RSPCA staff is what makes such great outcomes as this possible.



For further information please follow the link below for the full RSPCA media statement: